More Fun in the Fall!

More Fun in the Fall!

To continue our Friday Craftivity/Snacktivity I decided to go with the theme of candy corn. I altered a poem I had found and came up with the one pictured. It included more of our sight words, and mostly fall sweets. The students exercised their fine motor skills by tearing construction paper to make it a little more fun than coloring (and a lot less messy than painting!) They highlighted the high frequency words they knew, and practiced using our Eagle Eye skill of using the pictures to help figure out words they didn’t know.
Then for math time every student was given one candy corn and the sheet in the picture on the right. We are working on estimating for one of our science skills, and they were asked to estimate how many candy corn it would take to cover the big picture of the candy corn. I demonstrated some non examples (“I estimate 5!” and “I estimate 100!”) to show the importance of trying to get as close as possible when estimating. After writing down their estimate each kid was given a bag of about 50 candy corn. They laid them on the sheet and did a pretty good job filling it up! Then they scooped up the extras and put them in the baggie. Finally they counted how many candy corn (easy way to assess how many of your students are stills struggling with one to one correspondence, and counting above 20). When they were all finished, and I gave them a smiley face, they got to eat 10 and take the rest home!


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