King of -ing Part 2

King of -ing Part 2

I found the page:
and decided to use that for the verbs to put around the crowns. On the sides of the crowns the kids had to write the verbs using -ing, and to my delight they all finally used the g at the end!


King of -ing!

King of -ing!

As the year has progressed our writing has really started to come along. With that said, if I saw one more sentence with using verbs like “helpin, playin, washin” etc. I was ready to lose my mind! I had gone over -ing to DEATH! I had it written on every free surface of the classroom, I have the kids edit their work and change it to -ing. When they ask me, “how do you spell -ing?” they even answer their own question. I was venting some of my frustrations to my team, and one of my colleagues suggested doing the “King of -ing” crowns. So I figured I would give it a try!