Our Five Senses Craftivity

Our Five Senses Craftivity

On Fridays, I love to do some kind of craft with my kids. It’s so hard sometimes to squeeze in the cutesy, fun, developmentally appropriate lessons throughout the week, so I make it a priority to do it on Fridays. We are only about 6 weeks into the school year but my kids already ask me what the “craftivity” or “snacktivity” will be on Thursdays. They look forward to it at the end of every week, and it is usually my favorite lesson of the week.

This was our last week focusing on the five senses in science, so I wanted to make this craft to drive the concept home one final time. I had the students color their face, ears, and hands to match their skin color (I left mine white because otherwise I have a few friends who will copy whatever I do đŸ™‚ ). We then labeled our drawings, and drew lines to the body part. Then the fun part, we put bells on our ears to remind us that they give us our sense of hearing. We put a smarty on our tongue to remind us that it helps us taste. We put sandpaper on one hand to remind us our hands can touch rough things, and a cotton ball in the other for when we feel soft things. I sprayed pompoms with perfume and we used that as our nose to remind us of our sense of smell. For the eyes I used googly eyes so the kids could watch them move. The kids loved it! At the end of the day quite a few of them refused to put them in their backpacks, for fear of it being squished. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of some of theirs, after they added details and colored it to make it look like them. They were a whole lot cuter than mine!


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