Fall is Here!

Fall is Here!

Here in Florida, we desperately await the arrival of fall. After August and September and the insane heat and humidity, any break in the temperature and we rejoice! Well that first “cold” snap of the year came this week, and so I decided our Fun Friday activities would all be fall themed. First we did our Leaf Exploration Book
(available here for only $1: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Leaf-Exploration-Book-378855 ). We start by going on a fall leaf hunt outside. Every student picks one leaf and brings it back to the class. We then do a few math/science activities with it, and record the findings in our book. We measured how many cubes long the leaf is, how many pennies it could hold (it turns out counters will work just as well when you forget the bag of pennies at home), how many pennies it will take to sink the leaf, and how long it takes for the leaf to hit the ground. The kids had a blast, and didn’t even realize that I was walking around assessing their measurement abilities. Happy Fall Y’all!


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