Celebrate Literacy Week

Celebrate Literacy Week

This week our school is celebrating Literacy Week, one of the contests was to decorate the door to go along with a book you read. Since our theme is weather, we decided to do our door from the water cycle pages in “Oh Say Can You Say, What’s the Weather Today?”. My kids created all of the decor, and I typed up the words explaining the water cycle in true P.D. Eastman style. We put it all up on Monday, and judging isn’t until tomorrow, so every time we walk in the room my students want me to read it to them. They’ve even started writing about it and talking about it, and correcting each other if they don’t have it right (“No, no first the sun heats the water up, and THEN it makes the clouds). Hopefully that will kick off our Water Cycle lesson next week where we make the bracelets. Other kids come by and talk about it too, I am close to the front office, and I’ve even had to shoo some kids along that were talking about it on their way to the clinic. Judging is tomorrow, wish us luck!


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