Snowy Day: Day 1

Snowy Day: Day 1

We started our weather unit this week, and I decided to start with winter. Winter seemed like the logical choice to flow right off of the holiday season. Today we read the book Snow by P.D. Eastman and Roy McKie. I made a graphic organizer for the kids to do as a prewriting instrument (top right). I told them to imagine they woke up tomorrow and it had snowed, now draw a picture of a snowy day in the big box, then draw 3 activities you want to do in the snow. They brainstormed a lot of the activities in the book, but then came up with some of their own, like snowboarding, and ice skating. When it was writing time, I told the students to pick the one activity they wanted to do the most and write. In my example I used the words, One snowy day, to start them off. This helps move them out of their I like…. or I can…. or I see…. sentences that they seem to be stuck on. As you can see, the writing came out adorable, and even my lower kids were really engaged during the whole lesson! Here’s the graphic organizer for free from my TPT store:
Tomorrow we are having a real snow day, so stay tuned for more pictures!


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