Cupcake Blending

Cupcake Blending

Today I introduced a new game to my students. My plan is to put this at one of their reading centers next week, so I like to introduce it whole group the week before to ensure things go smoothly. I found a game on the wonderful Pinterest (how the heck did we ever teach before this website?!) and adapted it to be a little easier for my kindergarteners. I picked 6 word families we have covered this year and wrote them on a sticker in the bottom of the pan. This pan has the: at, et, op, ap, og, and am family. The students would throw the foam dice (I wrote a different letter on each side) and they would use that letter for the first sound to blend it with the word family. Then the students had to decide if it was a real word, or a nonsense word. This is a picture of one of my students who blended the word nop and was deciding where she should write the word. I am going to put a paper rather than the whiteboard at the center next week, but this worked better for a whole group activity. Recording sheet can be found:


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